WordPress Move 1.2

I released a new version of WordPress Move, 3 days ago. The biggest difference from the previous versions is not storing the password in the database anymore, for security reasons. You are now prompted to enter your FTP Password right before an FTP connection is being established. Other than this, Migration Assistant now has a new UI to provide more detailed explanations. It is now easier for first-time users to understand what each of these tasks really do. And apart from the bug fixes, the last feature that comes with this release is the ability of creating either a full or a database backup, using Backup Manager. It was already possible to create a full backup using Backup Manager but thought that on many occasions, people would only want to backup their databases. A good way to create a restoration point right before making some risky changes in the database, I think.

There are still lots of features I have in my mind to make WordPress Move a complete all-in-one migration solution. There still is a long way to go but it does not matter as long as you do not stop as Confucius said 😉

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly if you have any feature suggestions.

Changelog for 1.2:

  • FTP Passwords are no longer stored in the database, for security reasons. Visit the WordPress Move Settings page after updating the plugin to remove it from the database permanently.
  • It is now possible to create either a full backup or a database backup, using Backup Manager.
  • Fixed another PHP Catchable Fatal Error some people encounter.
  • Plugin is now really able to check whether importing the database backup was successful or not.
  • Explanations on the Migration Assistant page are replaced with more clear ones.
  • Added meta boxes to the Migration Assistant.

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